8 Things to Know Before you Get Eyelash Extensions.

What to know before getting eyelash extensions.

Little do people know eyelash extensions provide equal opportunity to both men and woman to create a fabulous look they instantly awake to each morning! Its true eyelash extensions are fun, make getting ready faster and can literally change the way your entire face looks. But, there are a few things you SHOULD know.

1.) Eyelash extensions are semi permanent. This means they will eventually fall out and if they are not put on properly or if YOU do not take care of them properly you can end of losing some lashes. Not a big deal because they grow back, but this needs to be said.

2.) You MUST clean the eyelash extensions daily after your first 48 hour dry spell (for some glues). You must clean each time after you cry or go in the ocean. Salt is eyelash extension enemy number 1. It messes up even the best glues and gels the lash extensions together. Rinse , rinse , rinse . If you get the lashes dirty and do not clean properly the lashes can stick together causing damage. Do not go in steam rooms or saunas. If you sweat daily I recommend individual classic looks instead of a russian volume or mega volume. With the heavier eyelash look comes much more responsibility. Keep this in mind when choosing your look.

3.) Be prepared to go through eyelash withdrawal when you decide to remove them. Eyelashes change your face so much that when you take them off you forget what you initially looked like. The first time is always the hardest, but remember your eyes are beautiful with or without extensions so stop crying!

4.) Some people will be allergic , but most people wont. There are sensitive glues on the market as well so, ask if you know you are sensitive. If you are allergic stay calm. You wont lose your eye balls I promise, but you need to be diligent if a reaction arises.Call you lash artist immediately. If you are in any type of severe pain consult a doctor as well.

5.) The fumes from the glue can create the lash hair to thin out. Take a prenatal vitamin or a folic acid supplement to promote hair growth. Your lash cycle takes about 4-6 weeks to replenish. You can also purchase great lash conditioners to help keep the lashes healthy while you have extensions on. Amazon has a bunch to choose from. Ask your lash artist how to apply.

6.) You might get a sty. This happens when the hair follicle is blocked and dirt and oil gets trapped in. These are actually pretty easy to treat. Once you start feeling or seeing the little bump on your eyelid clean the area. Take a clean sock, fill w a cup of rice. Tie off the sock so no rice gets out, heat in microwave for 30 seconds, put on eye. You can also use warm green tea bags over the eye. Once you have let the warmth sit on the eye (5 minutes) spray with colloidal silver. Keep repeating until better. You will probably want to take the lashes off, but if careful you can save them. I have done this and it works. This will happen if the lash artist uses too much glue or if you are not cleaning them properly. 6.) If you want to take the eyelashes off you can use coconut oil to massage them off. It will take a few days but it works. Do not pull them out. If you go to a lash artist and have a lot of lashes on and are getting a removal MAKE SURE they use a professional removing gel. Do not let them pick off the lashes and glue with tweezers. Some artists will do this to save money. Do not let them do this. This is how you lose a ton of lashes.

7.) Have fun! Eyelash extensions can have a positive effect on your self image. Keep it in perspective and use them as an accessory to help enhance your natural beauty. Lashes don't make the woman (or man) , but they make life more exciting!!

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