Jessica created the SpaLash platform to gain access in empowering more individuals to feel, be, and act beautiful through her multifaceted approach. 


She believes deeply in internal and external harmony. With her background in yoga, she attended The Hollywood Institute to obtain her license as an esthetician to add an aesthetic value to the idea of personal wellbeing. Adding the aesthetic arm of her platform was a natural progression that completed the other half of the beauty and wellness circle.


Jessica had to overcome crippling anxiety and work through personal trauma in order to breath through to a healthy and empowered lifestyle spearheaded by healthy living and eating, as well as personal self care and beautification.


Her teacher Sarasvati Devi helped set Jessica on the path to self discovery and care by guiding her yogic path, which intuitively incorporates much more than flexibility and strength. 


As an empath, she connects with SpaLash clients personally. One of her greatest strengths is that Jessica feels others' wellbeing as her own. It's from this perspective that she begins to inspire and even spur clients' growth inside and out.


There’s a depth that you wouldn’t expect from someone Lawrence's age. Growing up in the Metropolitan D.C. area first exposed him to a diversity that would help develop his eclectic personality and outgoing magnetism. Helping to raise his 4 younger brothers provided him with his deep sense of contribution. 


He got his start in the culinary world as a teppanyaki chef (the chefs with the flaming onion volcanoes and crazy knife tricks) and never looked back. He spent the next

7 years focused on opening teams at places like Zuma and SuViche to evolve from soft-open to operating and thriving.


Living and working in Miami has challenged him further than any city before, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. With health and vitality among the locals' top priorities, Miami is ripe for transformation. Lawrence's greatest dream is to help shape the choices all Americans have and ultimately provide a path to longevity and vitality through flavorful, cost-effective nutrition.